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Classical Candle Stick Craft Porcelain

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An exquisite and antique candle stick. Two materials are used. Brass, the main material, is used to be body of the candle stick. The color is not so bright, for a dull-brass gives people a vintage and antique feeling. The base of the candle stick is made of brass, with exquisite patterns. Good quality porcelain is also used in this product. Porcelain used is pure white, making this candle stick more elegant and dignified. A boy made of porcelain is sitting under the candle stick, touching his dog. What a warm scene! White and brass create a comfortable and harmonious effect, making this product fair and fine. Such a delicate candle stick is your good chioce.

Candle Stick Features: 

  • White and bronze
  • Handmade
  • European style
  • Display on tea table or any appropriate table
  • Overall:16.1"Wx7.5"Dx28.0"H

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