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Pair(2 Pieces)Gilt Bronze Angel Porcelain Candelabras

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Gilt Bronze Angel Porcelain Candelabras Features:

Our Handmade Chinese Porcelain Candelabras combines the finest quality porcelain & hand painting by skilled artisans to recreate the most exquisite variety of Styles and Patterns and A valued modern objet d'art handed down from generation to generation as Heirloom to

Gilded Dior Ormolu Trim Angel Candelabras Specification:

Dimensions:5.11 inches depth,7.87 inches width,15.35 inches height

Style: Objet d'Art,Porcelain Candelabras,Candles & Holders,Candleholder,Heirloom Quality Potiche Candelabras Centerpiece

Handcraft:Handmade, Painted and finished 

              Gilded brass ormolu mounts [Polished brass is naturally a fine muted Gold color prior to applying a Patina]

Pattern:Blue and White,Glaze Green,Glaze White

Application:appropriately sized Tabletop, Fireplace Mantel or Shelf singularly or in groups. Be mindful of Your Mantelpiece depth when Selecting and Positioning your Centerpiece for Display

Shipping:ship Domestic or International


Gilded Gilt Bronze Mounts

Many of our styles employ gilt brass ormolu. Ormolu was first produced in France in mid-17th Century. During the reign of The Sun King, Louis XIV, gilt bronze ormolu mounts were used in abundance. Opulence was the order of the day and porcelain wares were en vogue.

Gilt Brass Ormolu, Gilt Bronze Ormolu or “Dore´ Bronze“ as is commonly referred to, is used today in the same manner - as fashionable decorative embellishments - the mark of fine quality craftsmanship. These embellishments were traditionally reserved for only the costliest Chinese & European wares and the finest European furnishings.

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