Modern White Porcelain Brass Vase Craft

Modern White Porcelain Brass Vase Craft

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An exquisite centerpiece. Two materials are used, porcelain and brass. Porcelain is white, without any flaw, giving people a sense of purity and plain. The special design of this product is on the body. There is no pattern on it. The vase is petunia-shaped, simple and clear. Another material is brass. Brass is used to support the vase. We make the brass into butterflies, which echo the function of the vase. Brass is selected carefully, for it can creates a splendid feeling. Two color is used, white and bronze, which creates a simple feeling. Such a luxurious centerpiece is your good choice.

Porcelain Brass Vase Features: 

  • White and bronze
  • Flower-shaped
  • European style
  • Display on desk or any appropriate tabletop
  • Overall:11.0"Wx8.5"Dx23.6"H



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