Handmade Craft Porcelain Pot Craft Centerpiece

Handmade Craft Porcelain Pot Craft Centerpiece

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An exquisite and elegant pot, or you can also regard it as a centerpiece. Two materials are used.Porcelain, the main material, is purely white andgood quality. White give people comfort and peace. Neither other color nor pattern is on it. Just the simple design, creating kind of elegance and dignify. Such a simple design caters for modern people¡¯s taste. Another material is brass. Brighter brass creates a feeling of dignity and luxury. The lid of pot and base are made of brass. Above the pot are two vivid butterflies. Such a luxurious pot is your good choice for tabletop centerpiece.

Porcelain Brass Bookend Features: 

  • White and golden
  • Smooth and white porcelain without patterns
  • European style
  • Display on desktop or any appropriate tabletop
  • Overall:8.3"Wx5.9"Dx7.9"H



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