Modern Elegant Porcelain Brass Pot Centerpiece

Modern Elegant Porcelain Brass Pot Centerpiece

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An exquisite porcelain pot. Two materials are used, porcelain and brass. As the main material, the porcelain is purely white and good quality, without any flaw. The white color gives people peace and comfort, creating elegance and glace. The shape of the pot is like pumpkin, simple and clear. The brass is carefully selected. Brighter brass is to create dignify and simplicity. There is a handle on the pot, which provides both beauty and convenience to it. The design of the handle is simple, but it marches the porcelain well. Such a elegant porcelain pot is your good choice for tabletop enterpiece.

Porcelain Pot Features: 

  • White and golden
  • Pumpkin-shaped
  • European style
  • Display on tea table or any proper table
  • Overall:6.7"Wx4.1"Dx7.9"H



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