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Handmade Craft Peacock Porcelain Basin Fruit Bowl

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An exquisite decorative fruit bowl. Two materials are used, porcelain and brass. Porcelain is white and good quality, giving people a sense of purity and plain. Pay attention to the design of the basin. It has not any pattern, just a crescent-shaped basin, but it does really give people visual enjoyment. The volume of it is large, able to accommodate plenty of things.Brass is also used. This time we use the brass to be a phoenix. In this product, the phoenix is surrounding the basin, like a knight protects his Princess. The phoenix is big and vivid. Brass are used carefully, for it can creates a bright and joyful feeling. White and bronze create a simple and dignified feeling.

Porcelain Brass Basin Fruit Bowl Features: 

  • White and bronze
  • Crescent-shaped
  • European style
  • Display on dining table or tea table
  • Overall:11.0"Wx8.3"Dx18.5"H



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