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European Brass Porcelain Tissue Box Handmade

European Brass Porcelain Tissue Box Handmade

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It is an European porcelain tissue box. Different from the common tissue boxes, porcelain and brass are used. The color of the porcelain is white, giving a sense of peace and comfort. On the porcelain are some birds and branches. It seems like a Chinese painting. Also, porcelain is heavy enough to hold the box, avoiding the problem that wind will blow down it. Brass is carefully selected. Brass gives people a sense of powder and classical feeling. Brass is made into different patterns, surrounding the top of the box. Brass is also used to support the box. The adding of brass to the box makes the box more classical and beautiful. Such an exquisite tissue box is your best choice.

Porcelain Tissue Box Features: 

  • Bronze and white and blue and black
  • With lace made of brass surrounding the lid
  • European style
  • Display on tea table or dining table
  • Overall:11.8"Wx10.2"Dx5.1"H