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Classical Porcelain Basin White Shell Shape Centerpiece

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An exquisite porcelain centerpiece. Two materials are used, porcelain and brass. White and good quality porcelain gives people a sense of purity and plain. Porcelain in conch is simple. The patterns are vivid and clear. Brass is used. Between the base and the conch is the copper-made swan. The swan is to support the conch, a special design of this product. Swan is vivid and elegant, giving people a picture of happy scene. Brass is used carefully, creating a classical feeling. Two color is used, white and bronze, which create a simple and dignified feeling. Such an exquisite centerpiece is your good choice.

Porcelain Basin Features: 

  • White and bronze
  • Conch-shaped
  • European style
  • Display at the living room
  • Overall:9.4"Wx11.8"Dx10.0"H

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