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It is an exquisite and beautiful pot, you can also call it centerpiece. Two materials are used. The porcelain we use is purely white, showing simplicity and peace. Some birds and branches are on it, showing us a peaceful picture. The colors we use are mainly blue and black, with a bit Chinese painting style. Another material is brass, creating a feeling of dignity and luxury. The lid of pot is made of brass, simple and elegant. Also, there is a handle made of brass, providing convenience and beauty. The combination of porcelain and brass creates dignify and peace. Such a luxurious vase is a good choice for tabletop centerpiece.

Porcelain Pot Features: 

  • Bronze and white and blue and black
  • Wine jar-shaped
  • European style
  • Display at living room or bedroom
  • Overall:6.3"Wx6.3"Dx13.0"H



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