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European Porcelain Bronze Flowerpot Modern Centerpiece

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It is an exquisite and elegant flowerpot, you can also call it centerpiece. Just two materials are used. The porcelain is purely white, showing simplicity and peace. There is no pattern on it, with a bit European style. As for another material, we choose brass, creating a feeling of dignity. Brass is not so bright, giving people peace and clearness. Two angles, made of brass, are at two sides of the flowerpot, just like protecting the treasure flowerpot. No other redundant pattern is on it. Such an exquisite centerpiece is your good choice.

Porcelain Bronze Flowerpot Features: 

  • White and bronze
  • Two angles made of brass
  • European style
  • Display at the living room
  • Overall:15.0"Wx9.8"Dx26.2"H

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