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Classical Craft Brass Porcelain Decorative Plate

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An exquisite and beautiful decorative plate. Two materials are used.The material of the plate is the good quality porcelain, whose color is purely white. White porcelain brings people a feeling of purity and peace. Unlike ordinary trays, this tray is not bowl-shaped. It is plain.The brass is brighter, creating a feeling of dignity. Here, brass is made like the fence, surrounding the tray. The function of the brass is to prevent things scattering. The patterns made of brass seem random, but a bit artistic. It is the patterns that bring elegance and utility to this product. Such a beautiful plate is your good choice.

Porcelain Plate Features: 

  • White and golden
  • Handmade
  • European style
  • Display on dining table or tea table
  • Overall:22.8"Wx7.1"Dx2.8"H

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